Min-Aqua Bats Waterski Club


Sunday, Wednesday & Friday

at 7pm

Skiing our 65th summer!
715-356-4549 (Summer)
P.O. Box 1319
Minocqua, WI 54548

Upcoming Events

  • 8/5:

    Tryouts Day 1

  • 8/7:

    Tryouts Day 2

  • 8/24:

    Last Official Show

  • Min-Aqua Bats
    July 24, 2014

    The Min-Aqua Bats were back on the water for the Wednesday show.

    With this show the Min-Aqua Bats put up the biggest pyramid thus far this summer, triple threes!

  • Min-Aqua Bats
    June 18, 2014

    The Min-Aqua Bats started the 2014 season on June 18, 2014!

    Don't forget to catch one or more shows this season, every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday at the Aqua Bowl between the Thirsty Whale and the Boat House in Minocqua, WI.

    Snow Cones,
    and Spills

    Whatever the reason that you come to the show, we look forward to seeing you at the Aqua Bowl!

  • Min-Aqua Bats
    June 1, 2014

    Summer is coming, are you ready? Shelby is.

Recent News

  • 7/24:

    Triple Threes Back in Action